Preparing for success with custom-built training.

Keeping abreast of the latest methods, techniques and experience is critical to success. Ensuring that your team have the right tools to do this is down to good training.

Through the Albany Academy we offer a wide range of training modules to do precisely this, both online and in classroom environments. Our Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) approved courses can be taught individually or in bespoke bundles. Our online Learning Management System (LMS) and mobile app library provide tried and tested foundations for the provision of blended learning. All our training capabilities are designed to meet the individual and collective needs of organisations, ranging from one-to-one self-learn courses and mentoring to group and team courses using scenario-based practical exercises.

Our trainers are all fresh from the field and our research and innovation hub seeks out the latest in lessons learned to keep our training at the cutting edge of best practice.

Be it a webinar for teams spread across the globe, a live role-play scenario to test your team on the ground or our specially designed apps to get your team up-to-speed quickly – we will work with you to deliver what you need.

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Research - Analysis & Understanding

Understanding the drivers and causes of problems, informing solutions and measuring impact.

Comprehending the problems that our clients confront is the essence of the Albany approach. Albany connects the dots between its experts, regional and local networks and civil society contacts to provide the critical insights that underpin our solutions.

We provide a range of research products, including media landscape mapping and monitoring, in-depth insight on specific themes and social media analysis. These are all informed by our extensive and well established global academic networks.

Albany also designs bespoke monitoring and evaluation frameworks to inform all its programs and measure their impact.


See our latest research papers:

– Towards an integrated understanding of the triple nexus: climate, water and conflict impacts in Somalia

– Nature or Nurture: A crisis of trust and reason in the digital age

– Dragon Slaying: Meeting the challenge of Grey Zone competition for Global Britain

Watch the recording of  the ‘Dragon Slaying: Meeting the challenge of Grey Zone competition for Global Britain’ event here.

– Towards Inclusive Justice: Women, Peace and Security and Access to Justice in Newly and Recently Recovered Areas, Somalia


The aim of all our projects is to ensure sustainability and impact.

Our in-house specialists ensure strong monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) plans are embedded throughout our projects, from start to end. Using a mix of quantitative and qualitative data analysis, as close to the project activities as possible, we are able to measure outcomes and adapt rapidly to maintain focus on project objectives, enabling efficient and cost-effective programming.

Albany also offers MEL services on any sized project. Depending on the client’s need, we can offer comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) plans for the client to implement or we can carry out the plan from start to finish.

Case Study - Training

UN Leadership Communications Training

Using innovative online workshops and bespoke training applications, Albany delivered intensive training to the UN’s senior leadership across the globe.

Case Study - Training

Strategic Communications Training in Nigeria

To support counter terrorism efforts in Nigeria, we ran an extensive, bespoke communications training program for civilian and military leaders.

Case Study - Research

Understanding the Somali Security and Media Nexus

To encourage press freedom and effective reporting, Albany is researching the nexus between the media, security services and violent extremism.