Strategy drives action and not the other way around.

Albany helps you deliver results by carefully balancing the ends, ways and means at your disposal. We match local expertise and technical specialists with the available resources in order to address the challenge.

We want our clients to own their strategy so they will be deeply involved in its creation. Every part of the project will be bespoke and we will make sure plans are sustainable and achievable.

Case Study - Strategy & Solutions

Building CVE Capacity in Djbouti – ICEPCVE

Albany formed East Africa’s first ever centre of excellence in preventing and countering violent extremism – the ICEPCVE.

Case Study - Strategy & Solutions

Helping the Somali Government Counter Al-Shabaab through Communications

To counter the threat of Al-Shabaab in Somalia, Albany has embedded long term strategic advisors in the offices of the President and key ministries to provide full spectrum communication services across Somalia’s most pressing national security issues.