Violent extremism and radicalisation starts at the grassroots and feeds off the fractures in society caused by local perceptions of injustice and socioeconomic exclusion.

Preventing it needs us to be where the extremists are, at the coalface building community resilience to incitement and false promises.

Resilience can be described as the internal capacity of societies to withstand threats and crises on their own rather than through external interventions.

Albany works with civil society to identify and help resolve local needs and grievances, mobilise authentic voices and build local capacity and self-reliance.

Case Study - Resilience

Community Resilience in the Baltics

To build community resilience to state sponsored propaganda and highlight regional ties with Europe, Albany brought together networks of families and key influencers to present alternative positive narratives.

Case Study - Resilience

Community Stabilisation in Newly or Recently Recovered Areas in Somalia

Our teams are working to foster resilience in fragile communities recently recovered from the control of violent extremists.