Whether virtual or actual, networks provide the critical connective tissue that links social groups and communities of interest.

Understanding, mapping and building these networks is the key to getting your story heard.

Albany can help you do this to maximise your capacity to reach those you want to influence. This could range from identifying the individuals you need to engage directly to interacting with a specific online community in support of a particular policy or outcome.

Evidence-based approach

Our evidence-based approach to advocacy utilises a powerful combination of cultural and traditional outreach alongside conventional and social media techniques. These have been developed over a number of years across a wide range of complex contexts and circumstances. We’ll bring all this experience to bear to ensure your campaigns achieve the maximum positive impact.

Case Study - Outreach & Advocacy

Darfur, Sudan Radio Drama

Working with local writers, creatives and radio stations, Albany created engaging radio dramas to build resilience in fragile communities.

Case Study - Outreach & Advocacy

Communicating Syrian Peace Talks

Albany provided communications support to the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) in the build-up to and during the Geneva II peace talks in 2014. The aim was to strengthen the SNC’s legitimacy, empowering them to propagate their own narrative and counter regime narratives.