Creating the enabling environment for democracy and economic growth

From developing self-regulatory mechanisms to combatting disinformation, it pays to get things right. Good media communications policy encourages accuracy of information, improves professional standards and fosters diverse platforms for debate.

Working with our technical experts, cultural advisors and multi-lingual consultants, we can advise on a wide range of law and policy issues and ensure efficient implementation. Whether the situation requires reforming the legal framework, improving cyber security or building a community of advocates, we can provide a wide range of technical expertise from around the globe.

Case Study - Media Development

Fact Checking in Central Asia

We work with editorial desks, independent journalists and media stakeholders across Central Asia to increase their capacity to deliver factual, objective news and encourage media literacy.

Case Study - Media Development

Global Media Law and Policy

From the Bosnian conflict through today, Albany has been tasked with establishing legal and regulatory frameworks, and the institutions that they require, in some of the most challenging environments across the world — often from scratch and even during ongoing conflict.