Iraq to Ukraine, CNN to Tiktok.

20 years of conflict and communications

Anarchy is loosed upon the world: communications and conflict

Albany Chairman Lt Gen (retd) Sir Rob Fry provides his insights into conflict and comms in today’s increasingly unstable environment.

With the arrival of Twitter & YouTube on the scene (2005) followed by Facebook (2006), Instagram (2010) and TikTok (2017), a mix of unregulated fantasy and opinionation, legitimised by the occasional fact, has replaced the regulation and (more or less) strict editorial guidelines of the mainstream media (BBC, CNN et al). The result has been to compromise trust in all media.


How mainstream media has changed and its impact on the strategic environment

Award-winning journalist, author, and investigative reporter John Ware offers his commentary on the turbulent changes in the current media environment.

Cohesive social networks, strong institutions and shared stories are the pillars of a strong democracy. Yet the public square is increasingly dominated by mob voices pedaling wild accusations, willfully blind to evidence and context. Blind to truth – not my truth, your truth but The Truth.