Understanding the Somali Security and Media Nexus


As part of one of Albany’s many longstanding commitments in Somalia, we have been working on behalf of the EU to understand new and innovative ways of countering violent extremism. Encouraging greater press freedom, accurate reporting and citizen engagement ensures greater transparency and accountability of security institutions and therefore more effective responses to violent extremism.


To do this, Albany has embarked on an extensive three-year research project that charters the confluence among the media, security services and universities. Through this, we are gaining an understanding of the role of various media actors in preventing or driving violent extremism and how they can, in turn, hold the security services to account. Our research takes the form of a series of empirically grounded research papers and outreach events that are delivered by Albany’s local teams.


Our sensitive and sustained approach is steadily increasing the accountability of state security institutions by repairing the relationship between media and security forces. Our findings have formed the basis for constructive national dialogues and training sessions between the two sectors, with a strong body of evidence reinforcing new strategic initiatives. Albany has then been augmenting this through continuous high-level advocacy across its existing networks, facilitating institutional change.