Strengthening Mozambican PCVE capacity


From October 2019 to December 2021, Albany worked alongside partners Mecanismo de Apoio a Sociedade Civil (MASC Foundation) and Instituto de Estudos Sociais e Economicos (IESE) to increase understanding of the evolving conflict and strategic communications environment in northern Mozambique. The project aimed to enable stakeholders at a grassroots level to design and implement resonant messaging activities to reinforce local resiliency in the context of the increasing significant threat of violent extremism and conflict in recent years.


With a view to sustainability and a locally led approach, Albany worked closely and collaboratively with local partners to conduct research and stakeholder engagement to increase our understanding of the information ecology of northern Mozambique and messaging tactics employed by VE actors before designing a series of locally led strategic messaging activities. These included peace songs, radio discussion programmes and a novella series, while project activities also included round table discussions with local journalists and flyers designed with local sheikhs to dispel insurgent narratives justifying violence.


Our locally led approach supported key stakeholders in Mozambique to design, implement and evaluate PCVE campaigns, with the local partners continuing to build on key project activities beyond the lifecycle of the project.