Helping the Somali Government Counter Al-Shabaab through Communications


Albany was approached by the Federal Government of Somalia and its international partners to provide a long-term advisory team to the offices of the President and key ministries. Working across Somalia’s key national security issues, the team works to improve the profile, reputation and public support for the government, whilst undercutting the propaganda of Al-Shabaab and criminal syndicates and undermining their credibility in the eyes of Somalis.


Our advisory teams take a hands-on approach, living and working right alongside Government officials and departments. With this proximity comes credibility, enabling us to deliver world-class training and capacity building to receptive networks and stakeholders. Key to our work is the facilitation of behavioural change communications that are developed collaboratively and intelligently through rolling field research, allowing innovative outreach and engagement. We then leverage our networks of partners and contacts to provide additional support and advocacy of project initiatives, enhancing Somali diplomacy and media representation globally.


Our approach gives us a comprehensive appreciation of the threats in Somalia and an in-depth understanding of how to leverage a variety of strategies, stakeholders and projects to deliver cohesive and effective results. Our constant communications have had a demonstrable impact on support for Al-Shabaab and have reinforced a positive perception of the steps taken by the Somali government in its national security efforts.