Research is a core part of how Albany conducts its mission; informing our projects and providing our clients with on the ground knowledge as well as giving us a big-picture view of the international landscape. Below are a few of the research reports we have compiled to better inform ourselves, our partners and our clients of the present challenges and begin formulating strategies to overcome them.

Towards an integrated understanding of the triple nexus: climate, water and conflict impacts in Somalia

‘Deny the “lie of the century”; all Uyghurs are happy’ – The CCP’s Campaign to Manipulate International Opinion around Xinjiang

“The process of complete reunification of the motherland is unstoppable”: A summary of the CCP’s White Paper on Taiwanese reunification and disinformation efforts against the island

“Fertile Ground”: Risks of the spread of Jihadism to Littoral West Africa

NATO Strategic Concept 2022: Summary and Relation to Stratcom

Behind Enemy Minds. Linguistic fingerprints and Ideological Fragmentation

The Burkina Faso Coup and Sahel Stability. Updated

Racially and Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism Messaging in the West: A horizon scanning report

Riga Stratcom Dialogue 2022 Summary

“Welcome to the new East India
Company”: Russian Influence in Africa

A Toxic History: The Kremlin, chemical weapons and disinformation

USNDS Summary

“What we’re seeing looks a lot like genocide”: Russian disinformation narratives during the Ukraine Border Crisis, 2022

“Russia is a spell of bad weather, China is changing the climate” China’s Global Hybrid Warfare Operations

Global Strategic Trends: A combined summary of the MOD Global Strategic Trends Report and International Crisis Group’s “10 Conflicts to watch in 2022”

Views on Climate Change in the Western Balkans