Albany Thought Pieces

Here at Albany, we have a dedicated staff who each bring their own unique insights to the work we do. Albany has encouraged them to put their thoughts to paper to produce a regular series of Thought Pieces that will highlight critical issues and solutions in the communications world.

Blind faith?: Communicating Risk in an Uncertain World

Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism: Towards a holistic, evidence-based response

The West and the Rest: Where Did It All Go Wrong?

The Russia–China Alliance versus the West: What about the Rest?

Trauma Support to Journalists – An Holistic Approach to Defending Media Freedom

VISA Liberalisation – The key to stemming Kosovan brain drain?

Ukraine Updates

Albany has watched the events in Ukraine unfold with immense sadness. Today we are thinking, both as a company and as individuals, of our friends, colleagues, and partners affected by the unfolding events.

The future is uncertain, but we continue to commit ourselves to working on the defence of rule of law, freedom of speech and the foundations of an inclusive and prosperous society. To that end, we have begun publishing a series of Ukraine Updates to inform the wider public about the conflict and fact check the Kremlin’s disinformation.

Moldova: The anatomy of a Kremlin subversion Campaign

The Invasion of Ukraine 1 year on

The Holodomor: combatting genocide denial through Stratcom

Winter is Coming. The Kremlin’s disinformation strategy for winter

“Hell hath no fury”: Gender dynamics in the Ukraine conflict

The Definition and Manipulation of the Term “Terrorism”

Putin’s September Speech – Factcheck

The Kremlin’s Developing Disinformation Narratives (2)

The Kremlin’s Developing Disinformation Narratives (1)

Ukraine’s independent media in war time

MH17: Stratcom and Accountability

The Chinese Communist Party’s role in the Ukraine information war

“Go f**k yourself!” Snake Island and Ukraine’s war narrative

Kremenchuk Attack, Fact Check

Constitution Day in Ukraine

Preventing “Ukraine Fatigue”

Symbols in Ukraine’s Stratcom

Kremlin Disinformation on Food Shortages

The Ukraine War Beyond the West

Music in Narrative Construction

Humor in Ukraine’s Strategic Communications

Imperial Chekism: Putin’s new ideology

Victory Day: The Kremlin and Kyiv’s contrasting messages

The Kremlin’s Manipulation of Remembrance

Anti-Semitic Themes in the Kremlin’s Narratives

Who are the Wagner Group?

The Kremlin’s Unholy War

The Meaning of “Z”

Fact-checking The Kremlin’s Fascism Narrative

Climate Local

In the run up to COP26 Albany is publishing a series of daily ‘Climate Local’ case studies. These will describe specific local climate initiatives within the broad categories as defined by the five Earth Shot goals i.e. Protect and Restore Nature, Clean our Air, Revive our Oceans, Build a Waste Free World and Fix our Climate; each of the case studies will highlight the role that communications play in their success.

Please find links below to our climate local reports:

Climate Local Introduction

Climate Local Indonesia

Climate Local Yemen

Climate Local Nepal

Climate Local Gorakhpur (India)

Climate Local Cambodia

Climate Local Kenya

Climate Local Peru

Climate Local Kenya 2

Climate Local Ghana