Albany's commitment to the Armed Forces

Since 2020, Albany has been a signatory of the Armed Forces Covenant, reaffirming our commitment to supporting the men and women who serve or have served in the Armed Forces, as well as their families.

What is the Armed Forces Covenant?
The Armed Forces Covenant is a pledge that acknowledges the unique sacrifices made by members of the Armed Forces community and seeks to ensure they face no disadvantage in their day-to-day lives.

As a Covenant signatory and member of the MOD Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award, we are committed to upholding the principles of the Covenant, which include promoting fair employment opportunities, fostering a supportive working environment, and championing the integration of Armed Forces personnel into civilian life.

More than words on paper

Testimony from Reservist employees

“As an employee and a British Army Reservist, I have experienced unparalleled support from Albany Associates since joining the company. I have served in the reserves for over two-years since leaving the regular army in November 2021, and the support received from Albany cannot be overstated.

Albany Associates has consistently demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to supporting the Armed Forces community. Notably, the provision of an additional 10 days of annual leave has been instrumental in enabling me to fulfil my annual commitments for reservist service. This invaluable support extends beyond mere acknowledgment, as it directly contributes to my ability to attend crucial training, such as the upcoming attendance at ICSC(LR) this year.

The flexibility provided by Albany Associates empowers me to seamlessly integrate my military service with my civilian role, leveraging the expertise, knowledge, and experience gained in both spheres. This unique synergy allows me to contribute significantly to MoD outputs, providing specialized thematic and geographic expertise that exceeds what I could have imagined during my full-time service.” Current Project Manager at Albany

“When I joined Albany, I was worried that my absences would make me an undesirable candidate or would be difficult to balance with my work at the company. However, Albany’s directors listened to my concerns and guided me through their reservist policy. Throughout my time at Albany, I never received negative reactions to my absences. They also allowed me to work from home and leave early to attend training or take care of admin tasks. Additionally, they provided me with unprompted support, like advice on fitness and practice interviews for upcoming events. My treatment has confirmed that Albany values reservists. They are eager to recruit more members and I look forward to continuing to work with them towards this goal.”Current Albany employee

“Finding the right job after leaving the Armed Forces can be daunting. However, as an ex-military cultural advisor with experience in strategic communications, I discovered Albany, a company that valued reservists and was involved in the type of work I wanted to do. After meeting the team, I was offered the chance to work on exciting projects during my resettlement. Albany recognised the value of my military background and offered development opportunities to transfer my skills to communications. After my time with Albany, I am grateful for the opportunities and recommend them to other ex-military personnel in the resettlement process.”Former Albany employee