What We Do

Albany works with people and communities in some of the toughest places in the world.

We provide advice and training for governments, civil society organisations, and key leaders, tailored specifically to local circumstances and culture.

We believe in local solutions and our well-established networks across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia give us the partners and access we need to achieve them.

We work closely with our local partners to build grassroots resilience to the drivers of crisis and conflict and to find home-grown solutions to the problems that cause them.

Case Study - Strategy & Solutions

IGAD Centre of Excellence

In October 2016, the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) launched the first regional centre to tackle violent extremism in the Eastern Africa region. The IGAD Center of Excellence in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (ICEPCVE) promotes regional sharing of good practices and lessons learnt in preventing and countering violent extremism initiatives and to bring together actors involved in P/CVE work in the region to ensure an inclusive and holistic approach.

Case Study - Training

Strategic Communications Training in Nigeria

To support counter terrorism efforts in Nigeria, we ran an extensive, bespoke communications training program for civilian and military leaders.

Case Study - Training

UN Leadership Communications Training

Using innovative online workshops and bespoke training applications, Albany delivered intensive training to the UN’s senior leadership across the globe.

Case Study - Media Development

Global Media Law and Policy

From the Bosnian conflict through today, Albany has been tasked with establishing legal and regulatory frameworks, and the institutions that they require, in some of the most challenging environments across the world — often from scratch and even during ongoing conflict.

Case Study - Media Development

Fact Checking in Central Asia

We work with editorial desks, independent journalists and media stakeholders across Central Asia to increase their capacity to deliver factual, objective news and encourage media literacy.

Case Study - Outreach & Advocacy

Darfur, Sudan Radio Drama

Working with local writers, creatives and radio stations, Albany created engaging radio dramas to build resilience in fragile communities.

Case Study - Advocacy & Outreach

Geneva Advocacy & Outreach

Albany was contracted by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office to provide communications support to the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) in the build-up to and during the Geneva II peace talks in 2014. The aim was to strengthen the SNC’s legitimacy, and therefore a considerable negotiating position, empowering them to propagate their own narrative and counter regime narratives. Secondary objectives included increased Syrian awareness of Geneva and SNC legitimacy.

Case Study - Resilience

Community Resilience in the Baltics

To build community resilience to state sponsored propaganda and highlight regional ties with Europe, Albany brought together networks of families and key influencers to present alternative positive narratives.

Case Study - Research

Understanding the Somali Security and Media Nexus

To encourage press freedom and effective reporting, Albany is researching the nexus between the media, security services and violent extremism.

Case Study - Resilience

Community Stabilisation in Newly or Recently Recovered Areas in Somalia

Our teams are working to foster resilience in fragile communities recently recovered from the control of violent extremists.

Case Study - Strategy & Solutions

Helping the Somali Government Counter Al-Shabaab through Communications

To counter the threat of Al-Shabaab in Somalia, Albany has embedded long term strategic advisors in the offices of the President and key ministries to provide full spectrum communication services across Somalia’s most pressing national security issues.

Case Study - Strategy & Solutions

Building CVE Capacity in Djbouti – ICEPCVE

Albany formed East Africa’s first ever center of excellence in preventing and countering violent extremism – the ICEPCVE.

Case Study - Outreach & Advocacy

Communicating Syrian Peace Talks

Albany provided communications support to the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) in the build-up to and during the Geneva II peace talks in 2014. The aim was to strengthen the SNC’s legitimacy, empowering them to propagate their own narrative and counter regime narratives.
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