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Cyberwar, but not as we know it.

Cyberwar, but not as we know it.

We were promised things like Stuxnet, or massive DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. And the hackers and geeks obliged. We remain, rightly, concerned about the developing nature of pure cyberwar. Yet, it’s not all about the really sophisticated stuff. In fact, this season’s mechanism a la mode is something which allies the basics of

Journalistic sources: must be protected

Lord Black spoke during the passage of the Investigatory Powers Bill about the importance of the protection of journalistic sources as he attempted, with others, to introduce an amendment that would guarantee their protection. He told the Lords that:  “The protection of sources is crucial for investigative reporting, whistleblowing and indeed free and unfettered political debate.

Remarks by Her Excellency President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf held at PA’s Rib House, Lakpazee

Ladies and Gentlemen Let me thank Internews for the invitation to make this opening remark at the two-day seminar “Media Law and Regulatory Reform Stakeholders’ Conference”. We understand that Internews, with world-wide experience is empowering media in more than 90 countries – which will use such leverage to assist our local media to become more

Countering hate speech in the Media through Ethics and Self-regulation

Guest Post by: Poni Alice Sheila I am writing this article as a journalist from South Sudan, a country that has gone through several decades of civil strife, conflicts and the ever simmering communal fights and clashes. At the heart of these tension is hate speech which fuels and fires up the divisions, discrimination, violence, conflict

It’s all about that game

Attention is a finite good. Brands – be it a government counter-terrorism unit or a small charity campaigning for the rights of blue whales – are in a constant competition for attention with significantly less demanding content. A funny face-swap picture that doesn’t ask to make a donation, or a “9 Reasons Why Kittens Are

Everything Ends in IS

The Islamic State Releases a Confusing Video of its new al-Shabaab Members I was speaking to a group of military men a few days ago, playing the age old soldierly game of wargaming: not with little metal soldiers, but sitting around, beer in hand, working through scenarios for al-Shabaab. The group’s leader, Diriye, is killed: