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Remarks by Her Excellency President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf held at PA’s Rib House, Lakpazee

Ladies and Gentlemen Let me thank Internews for the invitation to make this opening remark at the two-day seminar “Media Law and Regulatory Reform Stakeholders’ Conference”. We understand that Internews, with world-wide experience is empowering media in more than 90 countries – which will use such leverage to assist our local media to become more

Countering hate speech in the Media through Ethics and Self-regulation

Guest Post by: Poni Alice Sheila I am writing this article as a journalist from South Sudan, a country that has gone through several decades of civil strife, conflicts and the ever simmering communal fights and clashes. At the heart of these tension is hate speech which fuels and fires up the divisions, discrimination, violence, conflict

Talking Russian: Minority Politics and the Putin Doctrine in the Baltic States

The neighboring presence of Russia has always been a defining feature of Baltic security politics, but it has been amplified under the so-called Putin Doctrine. This doctrine emerged from the annexation of the Crimea in March 2014 and a key speech the Russian leader gave, asserting that Russia has the right to protect Russian-speakers outside

Al-Shabaab’s Da’esh Problem

There have been rumblings of a shift of allegiance by al-Shabaab from al-Qa’ida to the Islamic State/Da’esh for some time. In February, for instance, their media reported that a senior leader, Karate, was strongly in favour of the move, in direct opposition to the relatively new and un-established leader of al-Shabaab, Diriye. (The story was

The Power of Imagery

Early September brought with it an image which startled the world and singularly transformed the global refugee crisis response. Garnering global headlines, the image of a dead Syrian toddler laying face down on a beach in Turkey was poignant and simple. In the UK, The Metro said that “Europe could not save him.” The Mirror

Cause and Effect: counting what should be counted

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts”. – Albert Einstein (possibly) How do you measure the effect of communications activities? It’s a perennial question, vexing the PR industry for many years. Thankfully, we’ve moved on from the ‘advertising value equivalent’ (AVE) to AMEC’s ‘Barcelona Principles’, but these

The cost of maritime insecurity

According to a recent academic study[1], the cost of international maritime crime and piracy to date is approximately USD25 Billion, 44% of which is paid by the European Union. The cost of maritime insecurity is staggering and, despite the three pillared solution approach via International standing Navies, fortified merchant vessels and embarked armed private security, the