Where We Work

South Sudan

Albany is working with Internews Network towards promoting a freer and open media environment in South Sudan through improving the normative-legal-regulatory conditions and supporting media institutions in a number of ways over this three-year project.

Objectives include (1) strengthening media industry cooperation and association building with South Sudanese civil society to advance common media interests and (2) strengthening the normative-legal-regulatory environment to promote increasingly free, financially self-sustained and professional news media in South Sudan through consultation on media legislation, consultation to the ministries on regulation and licensing, and workshops and meetings to advance reform agenda.

A vast majority of the work discussed above will be performed in face-to-face meetings with representatives of the ministries and new regulator and other public officials, with some small events and workshops to discuss changes to the licensing and regulation of broadcasters.

In order for the public and a broader range of government officials to understand the importance of these changes, Albany will run one event per year for three years for approximately 50 participants, particularly as access to information is discussed and a new regulatory body charged with accepting public complaints is established.