Where We Work

Sierra Leone

Albany won a UNDP tender to produce a new, innovative and practical National Communications Strategy designed to support the development of a deep-rooted democratic culture in Sierra Leone that promotes good governance and the widest possible involvement of the people in decision-making processes. It is hoped that such progress will also increase Sierra Leone's attractiveness to the international community, leading to increased investment and the adoption of a more positive image of the country.

The Strategy was intended to support a better relationship between the government and the Sierra Leone public by ensuring that communications is not just a top-down approach (e.g. messages sent from the Government to the public), but that the Sierra Leone public are actively engaged in the development process and that their needs and opinions are listened to, and acted upon, as appropriate. The strategy involved greater engagement with all governance actors at all levels of society: national government ministries, Members of Parliament, local government ministries, Paramount Chiefs, local councillors, local and national media, civil society groups, private sector representatives, and the broader public.

The strategy addressed the key communications issues facing the government of Sierra Leone namely:

  • The broad public's limited access to information
  • The lack of citizen participation in decision-making processes
  • The lack of space for dialogue
  • The professionalism, ethics, and independence of the mass media

Albany's draft strategy were accepted and subsequently adopted by the parliament of Sierra Leone in early 2009.