Where We Work


Albany have an unrivalled track record working in Iraq on media and communications issues. Albany directors were responsible for assisting in the establishment of the telecommunications and broadcasting regulator and its legal and regulatory framework from its inception in 2003. Albany has advised and trained key management for the Iraqi Media Network, Al Iraqiya (the national public broadcaster) and the Independent Higher Electoral Commission. Albany has also provided considerable training on media and journalism skills.

Other projects in Iraq have been diverse and include the following:

  • Providing key input into the Athens and Cairo conferences funded by USAID to establish the media development plan for post-war Iraq.
  • Formulating and drafting key Iraqi media and telecommunications legislation and regulations, rules and codes in consultation with Iraqi media professionals and international organisations.
  • Conducting a number of training seminars for the key institutions both inside and outside Iraq, including sessions on how to monitor the media during elections and report findings. Albany assisted in media monitoring and reporting for the elections in 2005 and 2009.
  • Developing and implementing a two-year comprehensive training and capacity-building program for the Iraqi Communications & Media Commission (CMC) including training on broadcasting regulation, licensing, law and policy, elections monitoring, and telecommunications issues, as well as training on public relations and external communications.
  • Training telecommunications operators on management, business practices and technical telecommunications issues.
  • Facilitating the development of a strategic communications plan for the UK Department for International Development in Basra.
  • Helping the Iraqi Ministry of Human Rights promote human rights awareness in Iraq through the use of mass media.
  • Developing and implementing a rule of law project designed to improve access to Iraqi courts, including a multi-media public awareness campaign.
  • Training elections officers in the governorates on media relations and a number of key staff members at the CMC on media monitoring.
  • Facilitating workshops among government and the private sector, conducting research, and publishing reports on media and telecommunications policy.
  • Training journalists on reporting skills, including the use of new media.
  • Holding high-level international conferences and events sponsored by UN agencies to determine the way forward for media and telecommunications in Iraq.

Support for Enhanced Media Coverage of Elections (EMCOE) – Iraq

February 2012 – December 2012

Albany Associates were contracted by UNESCO to provide capacity building to The Communications and Media Commission (CMC);

The role of Albany in the project was to provide consultancy, training and advice to the CMC in order to build its capacity and improve the coordination activities related to media and elections.

The following activities were planned in accordance with the contract:

  • Development of promotional materials for the CMC
  • Training CMC staff to produce innovative resource materials on electoral coverage for media
  • Training to build the capacity of the CMC on developing evidence based public outreach campaigns aimed at Iraq’s general public and media
  • Scoping studies to assess the needs of the CMC in relation to monitoring media across several media platforms
  • Content Analysis Training: Training sessions to develop media monitoring strategy mechanisms
  • Workshops on gender sensitive election monitoring to ensure the CMC’s capacity to integrate gender criteria into its work
  • Analysis of media laws and their implications on the electoral process