Where We Work


International Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring & Evaluation Committee

Albany Associates provided communications consultancy services to the UK DfID funded Afghanistan Independent Joint Anti-Corruption Monitoring & Evaluation Committee (MEC) in July 2013. With view of NATO’s pullout of Afghanistan in 2014 Albany directly supported MEC’s Communications & Outreach Advisor in drafting a communications strategy to both enhance the awareness of MEC and promote MEC’s findings so that they are available and accessible to the Afghan people. Through research and consultation Albany conducted a comprehensive audit of MEC’s existing capabilities and plans, and produced both a communications strategy, and an implementation and outreach plan. As part of ongoing advisory support Albany conducted media training for MEC officials in Kabul in September 2013.

Media Regulation Consultancy

Albany Associates have advised communications regulatory bodies in Afghanistan over several years, as part of a project funded by USAID. Through our extensive media development and regulation work, Albany worked to improve licensing for broadcasters, streamline communications regulation, and train regulators and lawyers. Albany drafted and offered to the ministries and media houses an entirely new and comprehensive package of regulations that will improve governance in the sector.

Support to Afghan Government National Development Strategy

Albany provided strategic communications support to the Afghan Government's National Development Strategy - sponsored by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

Albany's task was to research and develop a communications strategy and associated implementation plan for Afghanistan's National Development Strategy.

Albany sent a small specialist communications team to Afghanistan and working closely with the Ministry of Information and UNAMA assessed the communications environment as it related to the ANDS, discussed the communications needs with relevant national and international interlocutors - including and subsequently developed a draft strategy and implementation plan for adoption by the Afghan Government. The strategy was targeted at the international donor community including the United Nations, the European Commission, EU Member States, and the US state department; international organisations including NATO and ISAF (International Security Assistance Force); the Afghan Government including the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Rural Reconstruction and Development (MRRD) Ministry of Finance and the Office of the President; other Afghan institutions including the Afghan Parliament and Afghan Delegations abroad (via ambassadors); International Media; domestic public opinion.

The Key Messages were that ANDS is the Afghan Government's plan for economic and social development in Afghanistan. It is a dynamic process, which is been implemented through the appropriate Afghan Government ministries and departments. In the one year since the inception of ANDS there have been many specific successes.

For the promotion and implementation of the strategy, the Albany team produced a comprehensive menu of communications and associated activities such as: vision and messaging workshops, electronic publications, press releases, media kits and media briefings, Op-Eds, press conferences and specific activities for advocacy and Lobbying with key international organizations. The plan was endorsed by the Afghan Government, UNAMA and UNDP.